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Leverage the IIECM platform to reach millions of learners, educators, and institutions across more than 190 countries with your world-class content.

University Partnerships

Bring your degrees to learners worldwide while building brand visibility, reaching new audiences, and expanding impact.

1. Reach a global community of dedicated learners.

2. Create reusable, stackable, and scalable degree content to optimize return on investment.

3. Utilize data insights from more than 200 million course enrollments to drive teaching and learning success.

Industry Partnerships

Extend your reach, diversify your talent pipelines, and help learners reach their careers goals with in-demand training and certifications.

1. Build a diversified and highly-qualified talent pipeline of learners trained on the latest technologies. .

2. Drive awareness and adoption of your products and services. .

3. Deliver your learning content to more than 7,500 enterprise, government, and higher education institutions. .

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Partnering with Coursera is a collaborative experience. Our team of experts will help you:

1. Determine which programs to offer .

2. Market your programs effectively.

3. Ensure successful learner outcomes.

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