Mastering ChatGPT-AI Automation Outsourcing

Course Content

1.ChatGPT Plus

  • ChatGPT Plus

2.Custom Instructions

3.Remembering Conversations

4.Managing Shared Links

5.Using GPTs

6.Create Your Own GPT

7. Using Dall E to Create Images

8.Open AI Watermarks

9. ChatGPT Plugins

10.ChatGPT Text to Audio

11.Audio with 11 Labs

12.Text to Video with Pictory

13.Meta AI Image Policy

14.YouTube Policy on AI

15. AI Summary of Documents

16.Google Position on AI in SEO

17.YouTube Summaries

18.Creating Content For Your Projects

19.Creating Mkdjourney Prompts Using 3 ChatGPT Methods

20.Conclusion Exporing the Capality of GPTs