Class On ChatGPT – Tutorial – AI Automation Outsourcing

Course Content

1.Start an Account with ChatGPT

  • Start an Account with ChatGPT

2.What the Company OpenAI Say About Itself

3.What OpenAI Say About The Limitations of the Chatbot

4. Chatbot Prompt Examples Given By Open AI

5.Will Chat GPT Be a Paid Application

6.Chat GPT Idea Generation

7.Chat GPT Idea Qualification and Accuracy

8.ChatGPT Accuracy and Citations

9.Chat GPT Creating HTML Instances

10.Chat GPT How to Solve Specific Business Problems

11.Chat GPT Statistical Verification of Information

12.Chat GPT Rewrite Content for Different Contexts

13.ChatGPT Content Checked With AI

14.ChatGPT Simplifying Information

15.ChatGPT How to Ask the Chatbot about Context

16.ChatGPT How to Cross Post Queries

17.ChatGPT How to Narrow Down the Context of Your Query

18.ChatGPT How to Solve a Business Process

19.ChatGPT Developing a Methodology From Experts

20.The Future of ChatGPT