Certificate Course in MS.Excel (CC EXCEL)

About Course

Certificate Course in MS Excel (CC Excel) is a program designed to provide comprehensive training on Microsoft Excel, one of the most widely used spreadsheet software. The course covers a wide range of topics, from basic spreadsheet functions to advanced data analysis and visualization techniques. Participants will learn how to use Excel to manage and analyze data effectively, create charts and graphs, automate tasks using macros and VBA, and much more. The program also provides hands-on training on real-world Excel projects to help participants develop practical skills and gain confidence in using the software.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Introduction to MS Excel and its interface
  • Working with basic Excel formulas and functions
  • Sorting, filtering, and formatting data in Excel
  • Creating and customizing charts and graphs
  • Managing and analyzing data using pivot tables and pivot charts
  • Using advanced Excel functions such as IF, VLOOKUP, and HLOOKUP
  • Automating repetitive tasks using macros
  • Collaborating and sharing workbooks with others
  • Importing and exporting data between Excel and other software applications.

Course Content

Hi, Learner You will get course access after 2-3 hours of successful payment