AI Marketing Playbook-AI Automation Outsourcing

Course Content

1.Introduction to Jasper

  • Introduction to Jasper

2.Add the Chrome Browser Extension

3.Settings and Team Members


5.Processing the Output

6.Recipies in Boss Mode

7.The AI Art Generator

8.The Jasper Art Generator Basic Side

9J.asper Art Parameters

10.Using the Jasper Commands Template

11.Organizing Your Output

12.Content Editor in Boss Mode

13.Improving and Rewriting Content

14.Allow Jasper to Determine Your Writing Tone

15.Summarize Your Content With Jasper

16.Create A Product Name With Jasper

17.Write an Answer to A Quora Question

18.Allow Jasper to Write a Personal Bio

19.Creating A Unique Value or Selling Proposition with Jasper