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What you'll learn?

  • The acronym ATES and how you can grow online with the #1 e-commerce giant—Amazon.
  • How to be your own boss by becoming an Amazon Partner, flexible payments; get paid monthly.
  • How to make money when you service an Amazon seller, earn up to INR 75,000 per Amazon Seller.
  • How to get certified in Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist.


  • Must have a strong inclination to learn new concepts.
  • Must have a strong inclination to learn new concepts.
  • A laptop or a desktop computer with an internet connection.

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Designed and curated by industry experts, this course is your ultimate guide to gain mastery over the skills required to become an Amazon certified e-commerce consultant to make money on Amazon, the world’s #1 e-commerce business.

The course teaches you the easy hacks to make money when you onboard a new seller, service existing sellers and offer your consulting services to manage the accounts of the sellers. A strong emphasis is laid on preparing the students for clearing the Amazon ATES Certification.

Course content

Total:59 Total hours: 16 Hours
  • Intro to Seller Central
  • Add a product 5 Min
  • Prepare your listings in bulk 35 Min
  • Add products using Flat Files 30 Min
  • Add products with variations 30min
  • Add products using Listing Loader 35min
  • GTIN(UPC/EAN/ISBN)exemption 30min
  • Generate your GST Application form 30min
  • All about HSN code 10 Min
  • Documents required for GST registration 10 Min
  • Checklist for Businesses to be GST compliant 10 Min
  • How to file taxes under GST 10 Min
  • Pricing products under GST 10 Min
  • Amazon Branded Packaging 12 Min
  • Processing Self Ship orders 15 Min
  • Processing Easy Ship orders 10 Min
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime 20 Min
  • Buyer Initiated Order Cancellation 23 Min
  • Seller Initiated Order Cancellation 8 Min
  • Manage returns 5 Min
  • Sellers eligible to win the Buy Box 5 Min
  • Requirements to become an eligible seller 5 Min
  • Best practices to become Buy Box eligible 5 Min
  • Order Defect Rate 6 Min
  • Cancellation Rate 5 Min
  • Create Coupons 5 Min
  • Coupon eligibility criteria 5 Min
  • Referral fees for orders with promotions 2 Min
  • Duplicate an existing promotion 2 Min
  • End or cancel a promotion 5 Min
  • View the change history of promotions 5 Min
  • Updating Price per Unit for Consumables ASIN 20 Min
  • Automate Pricing 10 Min
  • Amazon Marketplace Pricing Error Policy 10 Min
  • Pricing Health 10 Min
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) 5 Min
  • Maximum Retail Price 5 Min
  • Create a Sponsored Products campaign 15 Min
  • Sponsored Products eligibility requirements 5 Min
  • Ad groups 5 Min
  • Ad placements for Sponsored Products 5 Min
  • Sponsored Products campaign limits 5 Min
  • E-invoice/E-waybill guidelines 5 Min
  • Shipping products to Amazon 5 Min
  • FBA policies and requirements 5 Min
  • FBA Features and Fees 5 Min
  • FBA inventory 5 Min
  • Tax and Regulatory Considerations 5 Min
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Low Value Imports GST 5 Min
  • Tax on Remote Services 15 Min
  • Overview of reports 10 Min
  • Payment reports 15 Min
  • Order reports 5 Min
  • Inventory reports 10 Min
  • Settlement reports 7 Min
  • Business Reports 8 Min
  • Account Health Rating 5 Min
  • AHR include violations 2 Min
  • Performance 5 Min


1 days ago

I like how the course is set up and formatted. The videos are excellent and very informative.

2 days ago

I had a good learning experience with this course, and I'm now earning a lot of money as a result of it.

Usha Kiran
4 days ago

Must Learn course - very helpful.

1 week ago

The content is good and the videos are equally well-thought out.

Hari Babu
9 days ago

The overall learning and quality of videos are good and excellent.

12 days ago

I completed this course and found it to be quite useful and instructive. The sections were simple to learn.

2 weeks ago

This course is quite interesting and beneficial, and the instructors communicate clearly and make a lot of sense.

17 days ago

I definitely suggest it since I enjoyed the course and found the content to be quite informative.

20 days ago

The course material was simple to understand, and I learnt a lot.

3 weeks ago

I appreciate the format and set up of the course. The videos are very well done. Must Learn

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