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ATES stands for Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist which means you will get the necessary tools and knowledge to be well-adjusted with the Amazon E-Commerce ecosystem. This will help you earn money by being a facilitator for new sellers and helping existing sellers on Amazon.

Asking Price ₹5Lakhs - ₹l0Lakhs

Seo in E-commerce

In this course, you will learn how to enhance the content on your E-Commerce website or other platforms on order to boost and optimize your content so it gets higher rankings in search engines and receives more reach.

Asking Price ₹5Lakhs - ₹l0Lakhs

Machine learning in E-Commerce

Machine learning can help an E-Commerce company be a sophisticated and responsive entity. In the age of big data, machine learning can help the E-Commerce company create tailor-made preferences for their customers.

Asking Price ₹5Lakhs - ₹l0Lakhs

Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce

AI in E-Commerce is positively impacting the buying behavior of customers. The AI-enabled E-Commerce sites have the capacity to remember purchase history, search products, and the online browsing patterns of the customer to give useful product recommendations.

Asking Price ₹5Lakhs - ₹l0Lakhs

Introduction to E-Commerce

In this course, you will learn the basics of how to manage an E-Commerce brand. You will get essential knowledge on all the various aspects of E-Commerce including content, scalability, mobility, integration, and design.

Asking Price ₹5Lakhs - ₹l0Lakhs

Digital Marketing in E-Commerce

With the help of Digital Marketing,your E-Commerce brand can create huge revenue as it increases customer response and brand value. Our course will give you all the required knowledge on digital marketing especially for E-Commerce.

Asking Price ₹5Lakhs - ₹l0Lakhs

Web Development and Payment Gateway in E-Commerce

This course teaches you how to develop websites properly for your E-Commerce brand. You will also be taught how to integrate a payment gateway into your E-Commerce website. This course will teach you the appropriate layouts and payment transitions for your E-Commerce website.

Asking Price ₹5Lakhs - ₹l0Lakhs

Laws in E-Commerce

There are many laws that an E-Commerce entity must abide by. This course will teach you all the legal matters and ethical processes that you must keep in mind while running an E-Commerce business. This will include knowledge on taxes, copyrights, licenses and much more.

Asking Price ₹5Lakhs - ₹l0Lakhs

Content in E-Commerce

Content is a crucial factor when it comes to managing an E-Commerce brand. In this course you will learn how to write content for an E-Commerce website or platform. This will include content for categories, specification, statistics and reviews.

Asking Price ₹5Lakhs - ₹l0Lakhs

Growth Hacking and Affiliate Marketing in E-Commerce

This course will teach you resource-light and cost effective digital marketing tactics. This course will help you analyze your growth and pinpoint how you can boost your E-Commerce business even further. You will also be taught Affiliate Marketing.

Asking Price ₹5Lakhs - ₹l0Lakhs

Accounting and Drop Shipping for E-Commerce

Accounting is important for any E-Commerce business, in this course you will learn how to record financial transactions and analyze prices. You will also learn the fundamentals of Dropshipping which means shipping a certain product directly from the manufacturer.

Asking Price ₹5Lakhs - ₹l0Lakhs

How to sell and add the products in E-commerce market places

In this course you will learn how to sell products in different E-Commerce spaces. Be it Amazon or Ebay, we will teach you how to understand different frameworks of E-Commerce platforms. This course will also teach you how to add products on E-Commerce platforms.

Asking Price ₹5Lakhs - ₹l0Lakhs

Woocommerce course

WooCommerce is an open source E-Commerce plugin for WordPress. IIEMC will teach you about what WooCommerce is and how it works. The main purpose of WooCommerce is for small and large-sized online merchants to manage an online store easily.

Asking Price ₹5Lakhs - ₹l0Lakhs

Data Science and Data Analytics in E-Commerce

In this course you will learn how to analyze data and generate leads. This course will comprise everything from learning about processes, methods and algorithms, and learning about deducing insights from data. Data science plays a vital role in E-Commerce.

Asking Price ₹5Lakhs - ₹l0Lakhs

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