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Terms and Conditions

IIECM’s mission is to improve the lives of E-Commerce entrepreneurs. We enable anyone anywhere to get educational content and to access that educational content to learn about E-Commerce. We consider our marketplace model the best way to offer valuable educational content to our users. We need rules to keep our platform and services safe for you, us, and our student and instructor community. These Terms apply to all your activities on the IIECM website, the IIECM mobile applications, our TV applications, our APIs, and other related services.

If you enroll for a course on the IIECM platform, you must also agree to the Terms and Conditions. We also provide details regarding our processing of personal data of our students and instructors in our Privacy Policy. If you are using IIECM as part of your institution’s educational Business, You must follow and keep in mind these terms and conditions. Y`1qou can consult our IIECM Business Privacy Statement.

Account and Accessibility

You need an account for most of the activities on our platform. Keep your password secret, because you’re responsible for all the activity associated with your subscription. If you suspect someone else is using your subscription, let us know by contacting our helpdesk. You must have reached the age of consent in India to avail online services to use IIECM.

You need an account to purchase and access content or to submit content for publication. When setting up and managing your account, you must provide and continue to provide accurate information, including a registered email address. You own complete responsibility for your account and everything that occurs on your account, including any harm or damage caused by someone using your account without your permission. This means you need to be secretive with your account credentials. You cannot transfer your account to someone else or use someone else’s account without their permission. If you contact us to request access to any account, we will not grant you such access unless you can provide us with all the information that we need to prove you are the owner/manager of that account. In the tragic event of the death of a user, the account of that specific user will be closed.

Safety and Privacy

You must not share your account login credentials with anyone else. You are responsible for what happens with your account and IIECM will not intervene in disputes between students and lecturers who have shared account login credentials. You must notify us immediately upon learning that someone else is using your account without your permission (or if you suspect any other type of breach of security) by contacting our helpdesk. We may request some personal details from you to confirm that you are indeed the owner of your account.

Students and lecturers must be at least 18 years of age to subscribe on IIECM and use the Services. If you are younger than 18 but above the required age for consent to use online services where you live, you cannot set up an account, but we encourage you to invite a parent or guardian to open an account and help you access content that is appropriate for your age. If you are below the age of consent to use our online services, you may not create a IIECM account. If we find out that you have created an account that violates these rules, we will immediately terminate your account. Under our Content Terms, you may be asked to verify your identity before you are authorized or allowed to access content on IIECM.

Content Rules

You can only use IIECM for lawful and educational purposes. You’re responsible for all the content that you view on our platform. You should keep the reviews, questions, posts, courses and other content you post in line with our Community Guidelines and the law, and respect the intellectual property rights of other people. We have the capacity to ban your account for repeated or big offenses. If you feel like someone is infringing your copyright on our platform, please let us know.

You may not access or utilise any Service or create an account for unlawful purposes. Your use of the Services and behavior on our IIECM platform must abide with the applicable local or national laws or regulations of your country. You are solely responsible for the knowledge of and compliance with such laws and regulations.

If you are a student, the Services enable you to ask questions to the lecturers of courses or other content you are subscribed to, and to post reviews/comments of content. For certain content, the instructor may invite you to submit content as homework or tests. Don’t post or submit anything that does not belong to you.

Legal Action

If we suspect that you engage in fraudulent or illegal activities, or for any other reason under our discretion. Upon any such termination we may cancel your subscription and content, and we may prevent you from further access to our platforms and use of our Services. Your content may still be available on the platforms even if your account is terminated or deactivated. You agree that we will have no liability to you or any third party for the cancellation of your account, removal of your content, or blocking of your access to our platforms and services.

If a user has published something that infringes your copyright or trademark rights, please let us know. Our lecturer Terms require our instructors to follow the law and respect the intellectual property rights of other people.


The subscription fee will be mentioned at the time of your purchase. You can visit our Support Page to learn more about where to find the fees and dates applicable to your subscription. We may also be required to add taxes to your subscription fee as described by the Government of India. Payments are non-refundable and there are no refunds for partially used periods, unless otherwise required by law. Depending on where you are located, you may sometimes qualify for a refund.

To subscribe to any of our Subscription Plan, you must provide a payment method. We have incorporated payment gateways into all our IIECM platforms. By subscribing, you grant us and our payment service providers the right to process payment for the then-applicable fees via the payment method we have recorded for you. At the end of each subscription term, we will automatically renew your subscription for the same length of term as previously noted, and process your payment method for payment of the then-applicable charges.


You may cancel your subscription at any time. Each Program has specific refund terms which will be applied in case of refund on account of such cancellation requests. If we are somehow unable to process payment through the payment method we have on file for you, or if you file a chargeback disputing charge made to your preferred payment method and the chargeback is granted, we can suspend or terminate your subscription. We reserve the right to change our Subscription Plans or adjust pricing for our Services at our own convenience. Any price changes will take effect following a notification to you, except as required by any applicable law.

Conduct Rules

Your behaviour on any of our platform must be very respectful and genial. IIECM records the behaviour and decorum of all the students availing its services. If you are a lecturer, you can submit content for your course on the platform and you can also communicate with the students who have enrolled in your courses or other content. In both cases, you must abide by the law and respect the rights of other people: you cannot post any course, question, answer, review or other content that violates any local or national laws or regulations of your country. You are solely responsible for any courses, content, and actions you post or take through the platform and Services and their consequences.

Make sure you understand all the copyright restrictions set forth in the Terms before you submit any content for review on IIECM. If we are put on notice that your course or content violates the law or the rights of others (for example, if it is identified that it violates intellectual property or rights of others, or is about an illegal activity), if we find out that your content or behavior violates our Trust & Safety Guidelines, or if we believe your content or behavior is unlawful, inappropriate, or objectionable (for example if you impersonate someone else), we may remove your content from our platform. IIECM complies with copyright laws. Check out our Intellectual Property Policy for more details.

IIECM has discretion in enforcing these Terms and our Trust & Safety Guidelines. We may restrict or terminate your permission to use our platform and Services or ban your account at any time, with or without notice, for any or no reason, including for any violation of these Terms, if you fail to pay any fees when it is due, for fraudulent chargeback requests, upon the request of police or government agencies, for extended periods of inactivity, in case of unexpected technical issues or problems.

Our content licenses

The services on this platform are licensed, not sold. With respect for your agreement to these Terms, IIECM grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to access and use the services on this Platform, solely in accordance with the Terms. You may download or copy some portions of the IIECM Content available on the Platform for your own non-commercial and personal use only, provided you maintain all copyright and other notices contained in each IIECM Content. You cannot copy, sell, resell, reproduce, publish, modify, transfer, retransmit, distribute, commercially exploit or create derivative works of our courses or any of our services. Notwithstanding the foregoing, specific reference documents, digital textbooks and articles may be made available to you with the permission of our board, and use of that information is subject to certain rules and regulations, and you agree to abide by all such rules.

You cannot reverse-engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise access the source code for any software that may be used to operate our Platform. From time to time, IIECM may include software, code, instructions, or other information in the IIECM Content for the Programs; any such information is provided on a supportive basis for instructional purposes only and is subject to the Disclaimer and Copyright infringements. Any use of such information for commercial purposes is not allowed. IIECM and its affiliates and licensors reserve all rights only to their platforms.

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