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You have to first make an account on IIECM.com. While enrolling in any of our courses, you have to make a one-time payment for whatever course you want to take.

Each course lasts up to 5 hours(i.e. at a stretch) There are no deadlines to complete a course. A student can take their own time to complete a course.

Apart from the fool-proof knowledge and skillset that you will receive at IIECM, you will also receive certification and lifetime access to the study material of your course.

If your payment is not processing, there’s a possibility your bank server might be down. Also make sure your bank account has sufficient funds and access to internet connection.

Refunds can be processed only after purchasing the course: if the course is not confirmed even after payment then the course fees will be refunded within 24 hours

IIECM actually allows only credit card payments. In case you are not able to pay even with a credit card, then we will send you a payment link where you can pay.

IIECM extensively deals with courses related to E-Commerce. It also consists of courses that deal with web development, payment gateways and WooCommerce.

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