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What you'll learn?

  • You will gain all the in-depth knowledge in Web Development languages like CSS, HTML, Git and Github.
  • You will learn how to integrate payment gateways into your E-Commerce website or application.
  • You will learn how to make an appropriate website for E-Commerce.
  • You will learn how to write code design stunning website.
  • You will be taught about the world-class payment gateways PayU and RazorPay.


  • Must have knowledge about the various design concepts of popular websites on the internet.
  • Must have idea about Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and other website building companies.
  • Little knowledge on the various web-developing languages and their differences.

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Web development is the building of a website. It also consists of the regular editing and updation of a website. It’s the work that happens behind the scenes to build a desired website. Web development is done using code that is also referred to as web-development languages. These languages include CSS, HTML, Bootstrap and many more.

A payment gateway is like a portal that helps you make seamless and secure payments and transactions. They enable online payments for pretty much anyone. For E-Commerce businesses, it is important to know the basics of how payment gateways function and how it is very useful in this day and age for every E-Commerce business.

Who this course is for:

  • Candidates who wish to create stunning and appropriate websites for E-Commerce brands.
  • Candidates who want to know how to integrate payment gateways in their E-Commerce platforms.
  • Candidates who wish to choose website development as a career path.

Course content

Total:62 Total hours: 3 Hours
  • What is E-Commerce Website Development? 3 MIN
  • Types of E-Commerce Websites 4 MIN
  • 7 Crucial Things to Consider Before E-Commerce Website Development 3 MIN
  • Nine Key Steps in E-Commerce Website Development 14 MIN
  • What is Registration Page for E-Commerce? 8 MIN
  • 12 Ways to Create a User-Friendly Website Registration Process 8 MIN
  • How to Build a Login System for a simple website? 4 MIN
  • What is the Backend Development? 1 MIN
  • Who are Backend Developers? 1 MIN
  • Is frontend development necessary for the backend? 1 MIN
  • Why is Backend Development necessary? 1 MIN
  • What is the basic skill set of any backend developer? 1 MIN
  • Web Programming languages Frameworks 1 MIN
  • Major Programming Languages used for Backend 1 MIN
  • Databases and cache 1 MIN
  • Server 1 MIN
  • Learn about Hosting Management 1 MIN
  • Learn about Version Control Systems 1 MIN
  • What are the Main Benefits of Version Control Systems? 1 MIN
  • What is Static Website? 1 MIN
  • Static Website Features 2 MIN
  • Creating a Static Page 2 MIN
  • Look and Feel of the Web Page 2 MIN
  • Static Web Page Details 1 MIN
  • Creating Live Static Sites 1 MIN
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Static Websites 2 MIN
  • What is Dynamic Content? A Simple Definition 2 MIN
  • Benefits of Dynamic Content 1 MIN
  • Dynamic Content vs Static Content 1 MIN
  • Using Dynamic Web Content to Create Personalized Recommendations ft. Target 2 MIN
  • Using Dynamic Web Content to Personalize Offers based on Geo-Targeting ft. Scandium 1 MIN
  • Personalize Offers Based on Customer Life Cycle 1 MIN
  • Advanced, context based pop-ups ft. Park City Lodging 2 MIN
  • Using geographic customer segmentation to create dynamic content ft. Booking.com 1 MIN
  • Create retention campaigns for previous customers ft. TheRealReal 1 MIN
  • Leveraging dynamic content throughout web pages ft. Target 2 MIN
  • Dynamic content creation with a WYSIWYG editor 1 MIN
  • Dynamic content optimization with A/B testing 1 MIN
  • How Netflix Uses Rich Data and Unique Categories to Fuel Product Recommendations 1 MIN
  • How Netflix Uses Personalization to Tailor Top-Level Categories 1 MIN
  • How Netflix Personalizes Product Images to Maximize CTR 1 MIN
  • Conclusion 2 MIN
  • What is a payment gateway? 3 MIN
  • What does a payment gateway allow you to do? 2 MIN
  • How does a payment gateway work? 7 MIN
  • Defining payment terms 3 MIN
  • How do payment gateways and payment service providers differ? 2 MIN
  • Involved parties in payment transactions 1 MIN
  • Hosted gateway 2 MIN
  • Direct Post method 1 MIN
  • Non-hosted (integrated) method 2 MIN
  • Examples of best payment gateway available for e-commerce business 3 MIN
  • Processing Clearing Settlement 1 MIN
  • The Payment chain explained 5 MIN
  • Chargeback and Refund 1 MIN
  • Where in the payment process do charge backs occur 2 MIN
  • Securing the payment process 2 MIN
  • Points to check while choosing a Payment Gateway - Critical Evaluation Factors 8 MIN
  • Risks in PG business 4 MIN
  • Verified by VISA, and Master card secure code 4 MIN
  • Strategies and Pricing in PG business 5 MIN

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