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What you'll learn?

  • E-commerce business models and Accounting aspects.
  • Core Concepts Of Dropshipping.
  • How To Create An Online E-commerce Store.
  • How to make money from your new skills.
  • How to build self-sustainable systems.


  • Basic knowledge of E-commerce.
  • Basic knowledge of Accounting.
  • A laptop or a desktop computer with an internet connection.
  • The burning desire to learn.

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This course is intended for those who would like to learn about the accounting aspects of e-commerce business and build their own dropshipping e-commerce store online from scratch and monetize their website for making money.

It begins with the accounting concepts of e-commerce such as how E-commerce accounting is different from standard accounting, shipping and order fulfilment in the e-commerce business, various costs associated with e-commerce and how to make accounting entries for GST relating to e-commerce.

After teaching the accounting aspects, the course will walk you through the concepts required to get your dropshipping e-commerce store up and running.

Designed and curated by the experts at IIECM, this course is the best-in-class training for Accounting And Dropshipping.

Who this course is for:

This course is designed for wannabe online retail store owners who would like to build their own e-commerce site from scratch and gain theoretical and practical knowledge on the accounting aspects of running an online e-commerce business from the Indian context.

Course content

Total:30 Total hours: 0.45 Hours
  • E-commerce Accounting and Business Basics 1.20 MIN
  • What’s The Difference between Accounting and Bookkeeping? 1.45 MIN
  • How to Keep the Most Accurate Financial Data 1.0 MIN
  • Creating a Financial Roadmap with a Chart of Accounts 2.34 MIN
  • Selecting an Accounting Method 1.14 MIN
  • Tracking Cash Flow Purchases and Inventory 1.43 MIN
  • Understanding Cost Of Goods Sold 2.13 MIN
  • . Payroll and Payroll Taxes 0.28 MIN
  • Preparing Financial Statements 5.0 MIN
  • Filing Taxes 1.36 MIN
  • Why is bookkeeping & accounting important for e-Commerce? 2.36 MIN
  • Common E-commerce accounting problems to keep track of 2.37 MIN
  • Feel Confident About Your Company’s Accounting 1.05 MIN
  • What is Dropshipping? 3.39 MIN
  • Advantages of Dropshipping 2.03 MIn
  • Disadvantages of Dropshipping 2.09 MIN
  • Why Should You Start Dropshipping? 1.09 MIN
  • How Dropshipping works? 1.35 MIN
  • Why we use Shopify for Dropshipping? 1.12 MIN
  • Step by Step Guide to Setting up a Dropshipping Business 3.34 MIN
  • How to Start a Dropshipping Store? 3.0 MIN
  • Costs of Running a Dropshipping Business 3.05 MIN
  • Review of Dropshipping Platforms 2.39
  • How To Choose A Dropshipping Store Theme? 1.08 MIN
  • Creating Store Pages 1.12 MIN
  • Setting Up Store Navigation 1.22 MIN
  • Setting Up Shopify Payments 0.48 MIN
  • Choosing A Domain and Pricing Plan for Dropshipping 2.09 MIN
  • Dropshipping and customer service 2.20 MIN
  • Conclusion 0.45 MIN

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