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What you'll learn?

  • You will learn how to write content especially for Ecommerce platforms.
  • You will be taught how to write categories, statistics and specification of each product.
  • You will also learn how to write product reviews after doing a lot of content research.
  • You will learn how to display relevant content in a way that’s more appealing to the targeted audience.
  • You will learn how to write for marketing material like pamphlets, ads and posters.


  • Excellent proficiency in English, both written and spoken.
  • Familiar with web content and catchy internet advertising language.

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Content writing is responsible for style, format, detail and quality of the content across all projects and collaborating with other designated colleagues to create the best content possible for an E-Commerce brand. Other duties and responsibilities of content writer include analyzing what customers what and tailoring the content in order to make higher profits and reach a larger audience.

The ‘Content in E-Commerce course’ deals with content writing more suited for E-Commerce. You will be taught to write rich and enticing content that will draw more customers towards your E-Commerce website. You will learn how to display products and services of the respective E-commerce business in a more detailed and elaborate manner.

Who this course is for:

  • Candidates who want to learn how to write product and service details that is more attention-grabbing and will be able to target as many customers as possible.
  • Candidates who wish to learn about content that will appeal to specific or different sections of the clientele.
  • Candidates who wish to pursue a career as a web copywriter or technical content writer for various E-Commerce companies.

Course content

Total:25 Total hours: 2 Hours
  • What is E-Commerce Content? 2 MIN
  • What is Content Marketing? 1 MIN
  • Why Content Marketing is Important for Your Business? 10 MIN
  • Content Creation 7 MIN
  • Six Most Effective Types of Content for E-Commerce 6 MIN
  • What is the Best Content for E-Commerce? 5 MIN
  • 37 of the Best Content Writing Tools for Writers 23 MIN
  • Difference between Copywriting & Content Writing 4 MIN
  • List of Copywriter Skills 3 MIN
  • Copywriting for Businesses: Why is it Necessary? 3 MIN
  • Key Elements of Effective Copywriting 3 MIN
  • Research E-Commerce Business Models 2 MIN
  • Start E-Commerce Niche Research 1 MIN
  • Validate Target Market & Product Ideas 2 MIN
  • Register Your E-Commerce Business & Product Name 4 MIN
  • Finalize Your E-Commerce Business Plan 2 MIN
  • Create Your Online Store 1 MIN
  • Attracting Customers to Your E-Commerce Store 1 MIN
  • What is the AIDA Model? 2 MIN
  • AIDA Model History 2 MIN
  • How to Apply AIDA Model for Marketing? 6 MIN
  • 15 E-Commerce Content Marketing Strategies to Maximize Growth 10 MIN
  • 21 Best E-Commerce Content Marketing Examples 13 MIN
  • 8 Effective Ways to Identify Target Audience 6 MIN
  • Conclusion 2 MIN

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