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What you'll learn?

  • You will learn how to apply machine learning in E-Commerce to help with customer segmentation and personalization of services.
  • You will gain in-depth knowledge in popular machine learning languages like Python, JavaScript and R Programming.
  • You will learn how machine learning can analyze search patterns of customers and give product recommendation.
  • You will learn which machine learning model to choose for every problem in E-Commerce.
  • You will learn how to create fraud protection systems for your E-Commerce application or website.


  • Just some good knowledge in secondary school mathematics.
  • Good skill at analyzing and solving problems.
  • Little to no ability to understand and decipher code.

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Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence that effectively makes predictions from data. It also has the capacity to automate the processes of analytical model building, it allows machines to adapt to new scenarios on their own.

IIECM will give you the best-in-class training for you to create effective programs using machine learning. You will learn to understand the benefits of machine learning and how and where it can be used to automate processes in the field of E-Commerce.

Who this course is for:

  • Candidates who are looking to make machine learning a lucrative career path.
  • Candidates who are already working and wish to automate some of their business processes.
  • Professionals who are looking switch from their traditional career paths to a more modern one.

Course content

Total:10 Total hours: 1 Hour
  • Introduction To E-Commerce 5 min
  • An Overview of ML in E-commerce 5 min
  • Myths Surrounding AI, ML & Deep Learning 5 min
  • Advantages of Machine Learning in E-Commerce 5 min
  • Personalization 5 min
  • Price Optimization 5 min
  • Fraudulent Transaction Detection And Protection 5 min
  • Self Service Support 5 min
  • Demand and Supply Prediction 5 min
  • Demand and Supply Prediction 5 min

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